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Elliot Pope Family

The Pope Family - WHO WE ARE

We are the hardworking, everyday Americans that know the value of a dollar. We are the small-business owners, college students, parents, young professionals, and church members that bear the effects of the decisions made by the politically elite. We are the people who live under the laws made in D.C. We are you. 

We. The People. is a call to unify around our common interests. It is a rally to use our diversity not to divide, but to restore and secure our freedom - the freedom to work hard and enjoy the reward of our labor, the freedom to worship and raise our families as we believe, and the freedom to stand together as everyday Americans against the bureaucratic tyranny of a broken system.

We are the Pope family. Elliot Pope has invested in his community as a small-business owner, youth pastor, and tradesman. He knows what it means to work hard to provide for his family, understands people, and has a firm grasp on how the government should function to benefit its citizens.

He holds a B.S. in organizational leadership from Thomas Edison State University, graduate certificates in marketing and public policy from Liberty University and is scheduled to complete his M.A. in public policy in August of this year. He and his wife Whitney are both K-12 home-school graduates, and they have chosen to home-school their three children as well.