Elliot Pope Profile

Despite what others may tell you, there are only a few degrees of separation in the beliefs and electability between the eight candidates in this race. We, as the Republican party, need to be asking more than which candidate is the most conservative, or conversely, most electable. The real issue of this election is who sets forth a compelling vision for the future of conservatism. Without vision the people perish.

The following are the conservative values that Elliot holds.

  • Life:
    Life is the most precious gift that God gives and should be protected at any stage from the moment of conception. We also need to empower and encourage single mothers and adoptive parents who support life through their everyday commitments. 
  • Second Amendment:
    In order to protect all of our freedoms, we must defend the Second Amendment. Our Founders knew that power corrupts. One of the fundamental rights that they understood and protected was the right to defend oneself from a tyrannical government.
  • National Debt:
    This is one of the great crises of our time. It is bringing our nation to a financial bubble that will make the housing collapse feel like an economic expansion. We can no longer accept the politics of inevitability.
  • Student Debt:
    The student debt crisis will stunt the economic engine of the next generation. It is not unusual for a student to graduate with $40,000 to $100,000 in debt. The system is broken and has incentivized poor choices. We need to provide job training and better access to technical schools. We need a complete overhaul that will minimize the effects of bad policy and build a new opportunity for young Americans.
  • Regulation:
    Government regulation is often a greater burden to small businesses than taxation. We must ensure that our small businesses are free to innovate and succeed. We must however maintain balanced regulation toward multi-state corporations that often use government to advance their bottom line.
  • Education:
    Parents should be free to choose how they will educate their children: public, private, or home school. Elliot and Whitney are home school graduates themselves and have chosen to home school their own three children. Homeschooling is not for everyone but is a great option in a competitive education environment.
  • Criminal Justice Reform:
    The criminal justice system is broken. Our prison systems are overcrowded and failing. The system has failed minority communities in providing safety and in trapping minority men in a failed system. We need comprehensive reform that will empower minority communities to take control of their own future and become transformative influences in our great country. We need less people in prison and more people empowered to be productive in society.
  • Immigration:
    The immigration crisis is another indicator of our broken system. There must be comprehensive reform that can meet the labor needs currently supplied by the underground economy, removes criminals and drug dealers from our streets, and ensures that welfare is not an incentive for immigration.